Kathryn D

Graham, it was wonderful to meet you and Kaz. Thank you for the incr...edibly accurate and insightful reading - very helpful. I'd highly recommend you to anyone wishing to gain further insight. Many thanks, Kathryn :-D

Jay S

My personal experience with Graham Sim was both on the spiritual and therapeutic side My mum passed away 4 years ago and I really wasn’t dealing with everyday situations and events in my life. I started seeing Graham on a 1-2-1 basis weekly. I found the counselling very good it hit every part which needed to be worked on. The way Graham worked  was amazing  he is so good with words and seems to know what each individual needs out of each session.

When I look back to how much built up guilt ,anger and resentment I had actually been carrying and blaming others for in my life . There was so much baggage I was carrying as well as the grief and being in an abusive relationship in the past. No wonder I was feeling the way I was , gradually layer by layer we looked at each thing and brought it back to the rawness the pureness of each . Graham made me feel comfortable and able to open up about  each past experiences the feelings  I felt at the time and how I felt now and all the memories and  feelings  I had kept inside instead of releasing them and letting them go .Having Graham as my therapist I learnt to look at everything from a new perspective , look at myself from a different angle and learn to let go and move on with my life.

My therapy consisted of ways to deal with Grief, Bereavement, Self-belief and inner confidence and anxiety methods through visualization techniques and hypnotherapy where Graeme would take me back to past events and give me new ways of viewing each event and removing it  . We work with pictures and numbers. may sound a little strange but defo works.

On a personal note I found Graham to be always punctual, caring and very thoughtful to your inner most needs you are wanting at the time . He is a very caring human being with a great empathy for his fellow man, Would I recommend him for people Yes I would 100% you’ll never find a nicer guy and therapist. Graham always said life is what you make it ask and you will receive.  Believe and you can do and have anything your heart desires.

He is living proof of this thought this action and this belief in manifesting what your heart desires.

Kim W

Graham has just done a reading for me and he's awesome. I'm never sure what I want to ask so just asked Graham to see what comes through. He connected with my mum and there was plenty of validation. Thank you so very much.

Sue H

Thanks for the final reading of the night! Spot on!

Samantha W

I was offered the opportunity of therapy through a private reading with Graham, I had had a few readings by other mediums before, but they were always generalised and could've been for most people, so I sat at his table not only with my usual poker "I'm fine face" but also with the same expectation as receiving the same type of information as I had done previously. I couldn't have been more wrong!!

Within a couple of minutes  he relayed information to me that in no way could be generalised and saw straight through the charade I had fooled others with for most of my life , I had even achieved convincing myself from time to time , until of course what I had bottled up for so long, knocked me on my backside in a pool of turbulent emotions, till I was once again able to bury it. After the reading he explained that his guides had told him I was in need of therapy and he gave me his card and told me to think on it. The opportunity was there should I choose to accept it.

I very much left in awe that anyone had seen trough my charade and spent probably over a week debating , should I shouldn't I? I knew I had to deal with it, but at the same time there was a comfort to my sadness I didn't have to face it , I just had to deal with the moments that sneaked up on me . I visualised me laying on some couch and him making a series of grunts whilst I go over the pain as he judgementally looked at me from behind his clipboard lol I made many different excuses to myself until I finally took him up on his offer.

I arrived at the first sessions depressed, with an in-built sense of never being good enough and continually looking at the empty half of the glass. Without knowing it, Graham started rebuilding me one piece at a time. The sessions were like sitting down with a friendly, wiser companion who gave a different perspective on how to look at the world. Small seeds in the form of ideas would be gently dropped into the conversation and allowed to germinate.

To start we looked initially at CBT. The most enlightening thing I discovered was that anxiety wasn't a life sentence; a chronic condition that I had to learn how to control. Graham explained that I had learnt or picked up negative patterns of thinking and CBT would be a useful tool to help break down my thoughts and change the patterns that were leading me to feel overwhelmed, anxious and scared, he showed me how I had gained this view of myself and acted accordingly, which either confirmed or denied the opinion I had of myself .

This opened so many doors , it was no longer just the turmoil I felt , there was reason , understanding and the situation became what "was" rather than what I just felt. I learnt to look at things from an outside perspective.

Each time I felt lighter I understood more and I spiritually grew more , Graham worked with me in a way that resonated only with me at each moment in time , he explained things in a way that no one had ever done before and it felt right deep in my gut. I now know that the patterns of thought that used to lead me into darkness are just thoughts. Although they sometimes try to get going I've learnt to see them coming earlier and let them go. I've grown to accept I have issues, just as the rest of the world , but I'm not worthless as I have deemed myself to be for many years. We looked at law of attraction and many other different ways to cope with what experiences come your way as how you always have a choice. I learnt to listen to my soul and not just my emotion.

Unfortunately the year after my therapy had ended was without a doubt the worst year in my life , I truly believe without the coping mechanisms , meditations and knowledge Graham provided me with , I don't think I would have got through it , I would have placed myself of the chain of pain and allowed it to devour me . For me the most valuable piece of knowledge is that there is no end to the journey and I will always be changing, growing, getting it wrong, carrying on, I still have sad moments like any other , I still fall like any other , but those moments have lessened , I have learnt and grown so much with his help . To all those who read this I cannot recommend GKS Holism enough , it is without a doubt the best decision you can make , it allowed me to finally take myself away from constant negativity and showed me at my worst and darkest moments there Is always light.

Jacquelyn S

Graham is very competent medium he provides evidence that life is ever lasting and proves that as you pass you are just entering to another  stage of your life one dimension to another . he gives accurate information and has provided me with spot on information about my loved ones.

He is very people friendly and has a good rapport  with both men and women of all ages.

Graham is really the Typical Scottish Cheeky Chappie  and his  comedy element when working  on platform lifts  the audience making it possible for spirit to move around their  loved ones  and Graeme to be able to sync in and be used as a vessel for spirit.

Graham is a very capable medium which works in many ways spiritually, psychic and clairvoyant , clairaudient and  Clairsentience.

Would I go see Graham …YES he  is a very wise soul a modern day Lao Ttu, he always gives words of great  logic and meaning which go along with ways to help you as the individual on their life journey.

Tara P

I had been suffering from Anxiety and Depression for many years, I have had numerous counselling sessions with different organisations, Even going as long as 4 years with one, although they helped me a little, Graham was no match to them, I see Graham for 6 weeks and in that 6 weeks he helped me clear my mind and understand more of why I felt the way I did, more than anyone had ever done before, I had my mind opened and my thought process made to work in a completely different way, I never felt this was possible, I had been stuck in a rut for so many years, I thought this was it for the rest of my life,  My mind was so much clearer at the end of our sessions and I understood the world around me more and see that I was complicating things that needn't be, I learnt about universal vibrations and that what you send out in thoughts comes back to you 3 fold, I feel truly blessed to have had the chance to have had counselling with Graham and I still miss him.

I would very highly recommended Graham as a Councillor for all spiritual matters of the mind, I am a better person and still use his wisdom to this day.

I have had the pleasure of having Graham use his clairvoyance gift, he made crystal clear validations for me that it was my loved on he was linked too, he passed on their love, messages and blessings and I feel that Graham is one of the top mediums of the present day, He proved to me that our spirit transcends to a higher dimenson and that he is lucky enough to be able to link with their love and pass messages and to comfort us when it is needed most.

You really are working with the best Clairvoyant on the circuit today.